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Great job! While replacing my condenser unit outside he also found and repaired a kink in the suction Freon line that has probably been there since the original install in 1965. Would recommend him!
We didn’t just replace an air conditioning unit, if we find a problem, we fix it properly and take photo’s of air conditioning repair and send to customer. This kinked heating and air conditioning line was damaged at original installation, starving compressor, damaging it, only lasting 8 yrs before complete failure.

The previous Baton Rouge air conditioning service didn’t notice it, this has been happening since 1965 on this home and the home owners have been paying for several air conditioning repairs and outside condenser unit installs and no one fixed it properly with previous heating and air conditioning service company’s until this yr. We knew that fixing it properly would make for a longer lasting ac unit.

– Paul Plauche