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A/C How it Works

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Breathe more easily knowing that there’s a chance to lower your electricity bill simply by letting Acadian Heating and Air Repair technicians take a look at your heating and cooling system or air conditioning units. We want to give our customers the ultimate value in HVAC services so they can fully enjoy the Heating Units and Air Conditioning Units in their homes and businesses.
Basically the thermostat tells the air conditioner or heating to run until the thermostat set temperature is reached and this is repeated. For air conditioning mode the thermostat tells the inside fan motor to run and the outside condenser which compresses and condenses the freon gas into a liquid and pumps it under high pressure about 325 psi to an small orifice which reduces from high pressure liquid into a low pressure gas state this is thermodynamics 101, when converted from a hot high pressure liquid into a low pressure gas the change of state it’s now a cold gas which makes the coil cold and when the blower fan blows the air which has been sucked through the return air filter it pushes out the the supply vents in home and is cycled repeatedly until the thermostat set temperature is achieved.

What We Do

Install Heating and Cooling or Air Conditioning System
Install Heating and Cooling or Air Conditioning Systems

Troubleshoot for Existing Problems
Troubleshoot for Existing Problems and Identify Potential Problems

Repair Heating and Cooling System
Repair Heating and Cooling Systems

Periodic Maintenance
Provide Periodic Air Conditioning and Heating Unit Maintenance Services